Bum Simulator APK Download for Android 2023

Bum simulator apk is based on a very unique story where the players have to play a role of a beggar living in the street.

The main task of the game is that users will have to collect money and other things from people in order to become wealthy.

These types of games are very rare because it requires a creative mind therefore if you like you can download it from the bottom link.

In this post, we will discuss everything about the game so let’s start.

What is bum simulator Apk?

It teaches us how to get out of the terrible world of beggary. It is also a sandbox-type game where the world is open which means users can go out anywhere in the city.

The bum simulator is an alternative to most popular games like mafia city and GTA vice city. If you like these games, you will surely like this game too.

Also, there are many other simulator games available therefore If you want to check them out, you can check out this yandere simulator, bus simulator, etc.

Game Story

If we talk about the story then the bum simulator apk is about the life of a beggar in a  big city which is known as Bumsville.

This city is very poor and the players will find thieves and beggars. Users will have to do their best to beat them to survive longer than them.

Besides, players will get access to many tools to win the levels in the game such as learning the chemistry of training pigeons and making bombs from bottles to survive.

You can play bum simulator on devices like PC, iPhones, and Android. It will give you an amazing experience while playing therefore you must try it.

For excitement, players will find many different characters with their own quests and stories.

Bum simulator apk

Fight with other

Well, it is not good to fight even inside the game but in this game, for surviving, players will need to fight with others.

With the help of many tools like bottles and pigeons, user can easily knock out their enemies.

However, for receiving amazing graphics, you should play the bum simulator on your Windows device.

Build your own house

In the bum simulator, the main character can build his own house which is like cardboard.

Then try to solve the secrets of sewer ratman in city streets, Dirty alleyways, pawn shops, underground passages, and central park.

Requirements for playing in windows (Minimum)

  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
  • CPU: Intel core i3
  • Storage Space: 30GB
  • Bum Simulator File Size: 20 GB
  • OS: Windows (64-bit)

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How to install Bum Simulator Apk?

In this section, users will get full information regarding the installation process.

  • First Download apk file from the link.
  • Now find com.bum simulatorapk file on your mobile phone, it will be in the downloader folder.
  • Then click on install and wait till the process is running
  • Now tap on done and start playing the bum simulator game.


Thank you for reading our article. The life of bum is very poor and you will play his role in the game

Therefore if you solve all the mysteries and collect money, he will become rich in the game so don’t forget to play it.

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