Charleston white net worth, Age, Height, Birthday, Family

Charleston white net worth is around 2.5$ Million USD as of 2023 however there are many more details regarding him circulating in the news so in this post we will going to include everything.

He is a prominent social media personality, motivational speaker, author, and also an entrepreneur. Charleston White received so much attention from users when he started uploading his content on social media.

Charleston created his youtube channel and the title channel The Real Charleston White on April 2020.  But a couple of times he gained more than 130k subscribers to reach here, and he has uploaded more than 1k+ videos.

Sometimes he has even given controversial statements and views that led to heated debates on social media platforms.

Now I would like to tell you about the information of Charleston’s white net worth and personal life so let’s start the post.

Charleston white net worth

Charleston white net worth

Real Name Charleston White
Net Worth $2 Million
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Date of Birth 1970
Age 52 Years
Gender Male
Profession Social Media Influencer, Motivational Speaker
Religion Christian
Martial Status Married

in this section, we have provided all details about Charleston white net worth so you can check and understand it however all the data have been collected from various sources.

Early life

The birth date of Charleston White is 1978 and his birthplace is Forth Worth, Texas. He was grown up in a rough neighborhood and was exposed to gang violence, and drug abuse from an early age.

Even though he faced many challenges, Charleston took an oath to do hard work to achieve his goals. He took education from Eastern Hills High School in Forth Worth. At that time, he was excellent in sports and also got many awards then he completed his graduation from Tarrant County College, and his main subjects were entrepreneurship and business.

Now he is the CEO and founder of HYPE Youth Outreach. Based on research we can say that there is no particular and perfect information available about his family however there are many news was telling him that his father was working as a navy officer and his mother was a housewife but we don’t know whether this information is true or false.

Charleston's white net worth

Personal Life

If we try to learn about the personal life of Charleston white then he is a kind of private person who has never shared much information about his wife or family. He chose to keep his personal life out of the public. But once, while giving an interview he told that he is a father and also has several children.

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Early Arrests

Charleston was also involved in many criminal activities if we believe media reports. First, he wanted to become a gang leader and due to this, he did many criminal activities such as robbery, assault, and much more.

When he was a young boy he was thinking that anything he would do with white people was fair because Africans had suffered oppression in the past.

When he was 14, he ran away from his house and started living in his friend’s place. They were stealing anything they could get in order to pay their bills.

Once, he and his friend were trying to escape from a local store after stealing an athlete jacket when suddenly one man stepped up and tried to stop Charleston white and his friends. Charleston hit a white man who was trying to stop them.

Time in Prison

Under The Texas Determining Sentence Law Charleston white and his friends became the first juvenile in the country due to their heartless crime.

As he was only 14 years old at the time of committing the crime he had been sent to the Texas Youth Council lockup at the state school. He spent four years there and then he was moved to an adult facility.

Meanwhile, physiologists, teachers, and house parents had told the judge that this kid has the potential to be a good person. The judge decided to go against the recommendation of the state that Charleston White should be transferred to the facility. Then he was sent back to the state school for four years.

After that Charleston started taking responsibility for everything, and he also developed how to emphasize others.

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What did Charleston white do before he became a social media personality?

Before becoming a social media personality, Charleston white was an entrepreneur of his own construction company.

What is the name of the book written about Charleston white?

The book is known as “The playbook to man’s heart”.

What is the reason for Charleston white to go to prison?

Charleston white was arrested due to drug possessions and firearm violations in 2020.


Charleston white is an inspirational entrepreneur and author with a social media personality. Even though he faced many problems in his life yet he worked hard and reached the successful stage.

Apart from this, he also became a motivational speaker who motivates everybody so that they can also learn something from his life.

However, there are many people behind the success of Charleston white because they kept believing in him and that he would become a good person one day. Thank you for reading my article Charleston white net worth, you can ask any question related to this post. By the way, don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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