College Brawl Apk Download v1.4.1 (Latest Version)

College Brawl is a role-playing game that is purely based on a college life story and it has many spicy and naughty levels that make users more excited.

In this game, the player will face many difficult situations that are related to real life

therefore it is not only a game but also teaches you how to make critical decisions in reality.

However, College Brawl Game is only for Adult players if you are not older than 18 yrs then you should not play it.

Now, let’s discuss some interesting details and facts about the game.

College Brawl Mod Apk

About College Brawl Game

This has been developed by the famous developer named LAGS and they have created many games apart from this.

However, if we talk about the College Brawl then it is a story about a student who is studying at a famous college.

The name of the main character is Ken one day his friends were beaten by a new gang named Red Cat,

and they have also stolen his bag from him.

The interesting thing about the gang is that it is a girls’ group therefore

the main character will have to defeat those girls to bring back a bag of his friend.

College Brawl Apk Game has Five levels and you have to win those all levels in order to get back the luggage that was stolen.

Also, each level is longer than the first one which means

you can easily spend your time playing this attractive game.

College Brawl Game Apk

Main Characters

We have decided to provide you with some useful information about the main characters of the College Brawl.

There is only one main player but there will be many alternative characters. The game has been divided into two stories first one and the second let us give some info regarding levels.


He is a college student and his friend was attacked by a red cat named a gang that we have already told you about.

Now it is his responsibility to get his goods back from that group. While playing, the play will encounter five stages with five different bosses.

In five stages, you can see approximately 26 sex animations and 6 images when you choose the extra mode.

For a reward, if you win any level, as a player you will get two choices

either you can have sex to regain your KL or gain HP points that are used to recover health.

However, Ken’s is the main character, there is another stage of his sister that we will be discussing below.’

all deaths College Brawl


She is the little sister of ken. Besides this, one gang had made a contract with her to provide some x-rated videos while the main character was not there.

Now, what would you do with them?

Because you are the main character in the story game and in this story there are three stages and four bosses.

As a main hero, you can easily view all photos of anko’s with the help of extra modes.

When you beat your opponent each enemy will drop different food items.

With each food, you will receive different things such as apples will add two HP points and KI power, Sushi adds one HP point, and chicken adds five Health points.

Remember that you have to save yourself from getting hit three times within a short time,

if it happens then Anko will lose the level and she has to allow her opponent to have physical relationship with her.

You can press the left or right button to revive to wake her up from the loss level.

Well, this is the full story of the main characters after reading this you might be willing to play this interesting game on your mobile.

latest version of College Brawl mod apk

Important Features

Here, all necessary features of the College Brawl apk have been added

therefore if anybody wants to read they can easily read it from this section.

Extra Mode

Almost every article that is written related to this game has mentioned extra mode therefore I will explain everything about this mode.

In this mode, the player will get full access to slow down and speed up all sexual animations.

This feature is amazing for adult scene lovers therefore the developer has added it.

However, everybody will try to win over you because if they win, they can get whatever they want even if you can repeat any clip that you liked.

In addition, the player must achieve a high score because that will give many rewards such as extra health points and some more naughty scenes.

apk College Brawl all devices

Easy Controls

You can simply understand every control of the game. There are only eight buttons have been given on the screen to control all characters.

With the help of two buttons left and right side, you can move your character on that particular side.

And the rest six buttons can be used to do actions like punching the enemy, jumping, and healing.

When you fight and get injured just tap heal, and your energy will start recovering. So anybody can use it.

Free and No subscription

College Brawl is completely free so you don’t need to pay anything for downloading and playing this game.

Once you download College Brawl Game, you can start using it without any subscription charges.

Besides, you will see almost no ads at the time of playing this game as

the developer knows that advertisements distract the concentration of the users.


It is one of the best things that every player wants but unfortunately, you will not see high-quality graphics in College Brawl Apk

In this game, you can enjoy 2d graphics with exciting and hot scenes.

Even with this, you will still like it because of the anime characters.

How to download College Brawl Apk For PC and Android

  • This is very simple to download the latest version of College Brawl mod just tap on the download button given below
  • Then wait for 19 seconds, in the next page you can see the Mediafire link of the game.
  • Go to the mobile setting and allows unknown sources, if you have already given permissions then skip this step.
  • Find the college Brawl. apk file that should be located in the download folder of mobile storage.
  • Click on install and wait after clicking on done and start playing this game.

Additional Information on college brawl

[su_box title=”Download College Brawl Game For (Windows,Android)” box_color=”#ff0000″]
Updated On 5 February 2023
Version v1.4.1
Category Role-playing
Developer LAGS
Supported On 5.0 and Up
Mode Offline
Size 50MB


If you are willing to spend time with a hot and exciting game then College Brawl Apk game is the right choice for you

As it features attractive scenes with good graphics. It is also very easy to play and it offers many decision-making scenarios and hot scenes. ‘

For alternatives to college brawl, we would like to suggest milfy city apk and the treasure of Nadia.

Thank you for reading this post and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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