How to Fix Windows Update 800b0109 Error?

Everybody knows that security is the most important in today’s time and therefore windows release new updates almost every month.

It is necessary to update your Windows systems whenever a new update is released because it helps to resolve many security patches.

But we know that every new thing comes with some problems too

And this is related to new updates of applications or operating systems too.

This is also happening with Windows users while installing a new update you may face the Windows update 800b0109 error.

Today’s topic is for all Windows users who are facing the Windows Update 00b0109 error and I will also discuss some methods in order to fix Windows Update 800b0109 Error.

How to Fix Windows Update 800b0109 Error

There is a number of reasons for this problem few of them are the Windows file system, windows registry, windows update service, misconfiguration, internet access, malware, and virus.

Anyway whatever the possible reason, I will discuss methods that will 100% help you to fix this issue. I also recommend testing all solutions because if the first one or two does not work.

Here I have explained possible solutions to fix Windows Update 800b0109 Error. with images so that you will understand it quickly instead of just discussing it.

Solution 1: Run The System File Checker Utility (With Command Prompt)

in this solution, you will have to use the command prompt and need to run the SFC tool which is also known as System File Checker.

  1. First Open The search box on your Windows PC or press the Windows key ( windows icon key) + S together.
  2. Now Type “CMD” or “Command Prompt” in the search box.
  3. Now Open a command prompt and make sure to select run as an administrator.

4. Now Write “sfc/scannow” press enter and wait for the process to reach 100%. you will see a notification written as “verification 100% complete” Now restart your computer.

5. You can check that your problem is either fixed or not. if not then don’t worry follow another solution.

Solution 2: Windows Firewall Status Check

As I have told you that there are many reasons for the code 800b0109 error. you can follow the below-mentioned steps to solve the problem.

  1. Go to the search box by entering the windows key ( windows icon key) + S or directly and type check firewall the short name.
  2. You will see “check firewall status app” open it.

3. Now you can see the screen as mentioned below just find the red highlighted text if you cannot find it means there is no error. just press back and exit.

Solution 3: Stop and Start Windows Update Services

It may solve your problem related to 800b0109 because this is update related error and the solution is also regarding updates.

But you will need to follow all the steps given below.

  1. First stop Windows update service. open the search bar with the help of the shortcut key “Windows+S
  2. Then Open the services App. The below image will help you.

3. Find the Windows update process in this running service.

4. Now Tap right and click on see “Stop” update services. we will stop updating for some time to clean up some files.

5. Now, we will need to clean up temporary files. Simply use the Windows key+ R Shortcut key simultaneously and open Run.

6. Write %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore on the Run App or have a look at the screenshot below.

7. Choose all files except if any file is important for you. however, these are temporary files therefore you can delete all.

8. Now again go back to the Windows service update and “start update windows service” that we have stopped before starting this solution.

Solution 4: Clean Up Files

if you clean temporary and unwanted files that are in no need for you then you can use this method it will clear unwanted files and resolve your problem of 800b0109 error.

  1. Press Windows icon+ R Simultaneously. The run app will open in this write “temp” and hit enter.
Fix Windows Update 800b0109 Error

2. Now select all the files and delete them by delete key.

3. Again Open the Run box by typing Windows key+ R then type “cleanmgr.exe” or have a look at the below screenshot.

4. Select the disk and remove unwanted files note here you will have to choose unwanted files.

5. Now everything is done just restart and check issue is resolved or not.

Solution 5: Check the disk utility

this method is generally used to resolve errors related to windows updates hence this can be the solution for you.

  1. Open the search box shortcut key windows+s then type “cmd” and run it as an administrator.
  2. Type “chkdsk C: /f” in and hit the enter button remember the space is given between C: and / by me.
3. However, remember that you will need to restart your computer or pc after this process.

Solution 6: Reset the PC

if any of the above-explained methods do not work then this is the only last option. you have to reset your pc.

I have given this solution at last only because it will remove all your drivers and software that you have installed

Users will need to install it again by downloading it from the internet.

  1. open the search bar and type ” reset pc” and open this app.
How to Fix Windows Update 800b0109 Error

2. Tap on the get started option you will see on the screen.

3. Here, you will see two options. we recommend you should choose the first option” keep my files” if you choose the second option then everything will be removed.

4. Wait until the reset process is progressing.

This will surely resolve your issue because it is the last option that can be used only if the first, five solution does not resolve your windows update problem.

I hope that your issue is resolved related to Fix Windows Update 800b0109 Error. if you face any problems comment below thanks.

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