FM WhatsApp APK Download v20.70.07 Latest (Updated) 

FM Whatsapp Apk download is messaging application that is an unofficial version it means you won’t get it on the google play store but

You can definitely get this application from other third-party sites.

Probably one quote that we have listened which is “Nothing is permanent in this world everything is temporary” whether it’s happiness or sadness or even our favorite things.

We can compare FMWhatsApp with Whatsapp because it has numerous features that make this app the greatest,

but there are currently a lot of other apps available and more are on the way.

And these all-new messaging apps are giving many more amazing features than

the official version of WhatsApp and therefore many users like to use other apps.

If you are who want to find alternatives to WhatsApp with better and amazing features then FM Whatsapp Apk is the best app.

Fouad Whatsapp and this version of the app are similar when you compare their features

but you can easily choose anyone from these both because both have similar features but it has been created by different developers.

What is FM Whatsapp Apk Exact Meaning?

Well, as the name suggests that it is a messaging application, and

Even it is an unofficial app which means that it has been modified by a third party.

FM Whatsapp Apk has many features like User-friendly security features, Lock Whatsapp chats, status downloader

, Freeze or hide last seen, Custom calls, Hide Media from gallery and etc.

FM Whatsapp Apk

These all features give you more trust than the official version but also we don’t recommend using any third-party apps

it’s fully depending on the users, therefore, you must use an antivirus before installing it.

We will also discuss all these features fully to give you more details. Foud apps (Foud Makkad) is the developer of the FMwhatsapp apk.

[su_box title=”FM Whatsapp Overview” box_color=”#00BFFF” title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”6″]
App Name FM Whatsapp Apk
App Size 71 MB
Category Whatsapp Mods
Users 1,000,000+
Last Update 2 Days Ago
Requires Android 6.0 or up

Exclusive Features of FM Whatsapp Apk

It has many features some of them and we have those exclusive features below, you can find all details about it. it is also an alternative to GB Whatsapp.

Lock Whatsapp Chats

It is only for people who want to keep their chats private. With the lock chat feature, you can easily hide and lock your Whatsapp chats.

To enable this feature, you will need to set a password, pin, or pattern

Then anybody will try to read your chat have to enter a password otherwise nothing will be shown to them.

Custom Calls

This is a very unique feature and there are very few applications that provide it because, in this feature, you will have to decide who can call you,

If you add somebody to this list then they will not be able to call you until you remove them from this list. You can turn this feature on from the settings option.

Hide Media from Gallery

You can easily turn this feature from the settings option. In this feature, all photos and other videos will be hidden from the gallery

That means nobody can see your photos and videos on WhatsApp in your gallery only you can see photos and other files that have been sent on your WhatsApp.

The hide media feature is best for you if you are finding apps that help to secure your private information.

Message without saving Contacts

In the official version, it is compulsory to save numbers in your contacts in order to send messages without adding any number in the contact you cannot send chat messages.

But wait in FM Whatsapp Apk, you can easily send a chat or message to anybody even if you don’t want to save your number in your contact.

To send a message, just click on three dots and select message a number

And enter the number, now tap on the number and you can send a chat message without saving the number into contacts.


Custom Emoji feature

You can easily send custom emojis on FM WhatsApp With the help of custom emoji features,

But make sure you are using the latest version of FM WhatsApp apk in order to use this feature.

[su_box title=”Download FM Whatsapp” box_color=”#00BFFF”]

Version : v20.70.07 |  Base : Whatsapp Mod|  Size : 58 MB

If You Are Facing Any Problems Using Direct Download Button, Please Refresh the Page or Try to Use the Mirror Link


No ban

FM Whatsapp apk is anti ban application which means you will not face any ban issues in this version because the developer has injected high security for users.

This feature keeps you safe and secure from being banned because of using FMWhatsapp apk.

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You can easily give your favorite look to your application FM Whatsapp Apk With customizable features

This app has more than 160+ themes with pre-installed looks which means every theme comes with custom modification but even if you want to add some extra things

Adding different colors or different fonts, you can easily add these all things in FM WhatsApp.

Apart from this, the official theme can also be customized according to your choice, if you want to customize the color from green to any other you can easily add that color.

Pros and Cons of FM Whatsapp

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#488e00″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”6″]
  • Customizable themes that allow giving unique looks
  • Send messages to any group of approx 400 people and the original version only allows you to send messages to 250 People Group.
  • The anti-delete message feature allows you to stop anybody from deleting messages after sending them to you.
  • You can send up to 60 images together to anybody but in the original, you can only send 30 images approximately.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#8e0011″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”6″]
  • As we have already discussed that it is a third-party application, therefore, the developer may see your messages and it is not good for your privacy of yours.
  • Even though it has an anti-ban feature, there are chances of being banned from the official version as well.
  • It works slower in terms of sending messages and status than the original version.

How to download FMWhatsApp APK?

Step 1: Open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox or etc) then search FM Whatsapp Download Apk Gbwhtsapp.

Step 2: Scroll and look for the download button then tap on download and then you will be redirected to the download page.

Step 3: Again tap on the download button then the download will start.

Step 4: After Downloading FM WhatsApp APK, you can install fmwhatsapp on your android device.

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How to update the FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version?

In order to update this application, you only need to wait whenever a new update will come you will see a notification or you can check by visiting the FM mods option.

Then tap on check for updates if any new version is available then you can directly download it into your mobile phone.



Is FMwhatsapp safe to use?

Well, there are more than hundreds of users and nobody found any malware-related or other problems therefore it is completely safe to use.

Will my account get banned if I use FM Whatsapp?

As it has an anti-ban feature that gives you total security of your account from banning but you can take backups of your chats if you are worried about it.

Can FM WhatsApp Apk be used with Orginal Whatsapp on the same number?

No, it is not possible because when you login in to the first one, you will automatically log out from the official WhatsApp.
However, you can use both apps together on the same device with different numbers.

How to download the latest version of FM WhatsApp APK?

You can get the latest version from and search FM WhatsApp and check for the updated date if a new version is available you can download it.

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FM Whatsapp is famous for its exclusive features with privacy controls. As it is a modded app if you want to have full privacy and legal apps then you should use the original version.

This is mainly used for unique looks and showing it to other friends. We have given all details about this application now you will have to decide because we have shown pros and cons with other information.