GBWhatsApp APK Download Anti-Ban Official 2023 Latest (Updated)

You know that there are many online chatting applications available on the internet but one application is still famous for its quality features and it is GBWhatsApp Pro.

That application that gives you so many extra cool features and the name of that application is GBWhatsapp?

By saying this I am not promoting GB WhatsApp because it is the modified version but even I thought to write about this cool topic.

The main reason for Gbwhatsapp is that you can get many features like hide online, Last Seen, Change theme color, Keep online status on, Add custom fonts, Disable Forwarding messages, and more.

And also I want to tell you that today’s article is only about Gbwhatsapp because I think it is one of the best topics for users.

Although I don’t want to promote any third-party application the features of gbwhatsapp tell itself how amazing that application is!

What is GB Whatsapp Apk?

GB WhatsApp is the mod of the original version but, it provides many cool and amazing features that attract users.

Therefore Below I will be discussing all those cool features of GB Whatsapp Apk.

Please note that App can only be downloaded from third-party sites because it is a modified app so if you are looking to download GB WhatsApp apk, it can be downloaded only from third-party sites.

GBWhatsApp APK Download Anti-Ban Official 2023 Latest (Updated)

Every famous application has a modified version and you can find many mod apps on WhatsApp some of them are AN Whatsapp, OG WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp, FM Whatsapp, JT Whatsapp, WhatsApp plus apk, and YO WhatsApp.

I know that after reading all those names you will surely get confused that which one is best but if you want cool features then it is very best because of an anti-ban feature.


Name GBWhatsApp Pro
Publisher GB
Genre Mods
Size 52MB
Version Latest Version
Update 1 Day Ago
Release Date N/A

Features of GB Whatsapp

You can see all the cool and amazing features of GB WhatsApp apk 2022 below. Even if you want to find more mods then you can easily get them from our website.

Hide Online Status

This feature is about hiding your online status from other users it could be your friends or somebody else.

For Instance,

If you are online and you don’t want to show yourself as online in Gb Whatsapp then this feature can be used. You can turn it on from the setting option.

Add Custom fonts

It is also a very cool feature of GB WhatsApp because many people want to use different fonts as you know that everybody likes doing something different.

If you want to add custom fonts, you can easily add custom fonts with the help of the setting option in Gbwhatsapp, and that feature is not available in the original app.

wa gb

Auto Reply

This feature works like a robot just write anything and whenever anybody will send messages to you in your Whatsapp they will receive an auto-reply That you have already set while turning this feature auto-reply on.

Disable Forwarded Messages

By reading the name, anybody can easily understand the meaning of this feature. You can easily disable forwarded messages which means

Whenever you want to forward somebody else message without showing the forwarded form, you can use disable forwarded messages option.

is gb whatsapp safe


It is the same as like Do not disturb service but here you will turn it on from the settings option instead of anywhere else.

Keep Online Status

It is opposite features of hiding online features but these both are totally different from each other because in this feature,

Even when you are offline it will show your status as “online” to your friends and other users.

gb whatsapp download 2021

Theme Color Customizer

You can use any customized color in WhatsApp If you want to make your WhatsApp fully yellow, blue, or any other color, you can easily customize that color.

And there are almost 4000+ theme designs that you can use but remember you will have to install it as an add-on file you will have to use a separate add-on for theme color.

Anti Ban

Anti-ban feature has been added only because many users who use the mod version have faced account ban issues but in the GB WhatsApp mod version,

However, you will not face any account ban issues because it is an anti-ban app.

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Status of Full Video

But in gbwhatsapp, you can easily upload long videos in status and it will trim your long video into 30 seconds parts automatically.

If you are using any official app then you know that you can only upload a status of 30 seconds and you cannot upload bigger video status than mentioned.

Deleted Messages

Anybody who wants to see the deleted messages on WhatsApp can see it like if your friends send you a message but deleted it before you see it

And if you want to read that what has he written? Then in GB WhatsApp, you can easily read deleted messages.

whatsapp gb apk download latest version

Deleted Status

Even if anybody deleted their status you can still see the deleted status with the help of anti-delete status features.

Hide profile picture

However, you can only hide your profile pictures from your gbwhatsapp only but still, this feature is only very good and amazing.


After reading this feature you will be thinking that it is a very common feature but no friend. 

With the help of this feature, you can easily get a notification if anybody changes their profile picture if you have saved them in your contact.

FMwhatsapp Apk Download Latest Official

Security lock

Security lock feature can be used if you want to have privacy for your chats, you can easily set passwords or any other lock in order to open your gbwhatsapp.

Without entering a security lock code nobody can access any chat or other information on your GB Whatsapp.

Notification (pop-up)

We sometimes feel irritated when we see frequent messages pop-up notifications coming into our phones.

So with these features, you can easily disable pop-up notifications from the gbwhatsapp apk.

Download Status

It is a very amazing and cool feature from gbwhatsapp pro because with the help of this feature you can easily download the status of anybody.

For example, if you have seen the status of your friends and you really liked that then you can easily download it through gbwhatsapp pro.

JTwhatsapp JiMods (Official Version)

Image sharing limit

In the official version, you could only send 30 images but in the GB WhatsApp pro, you can easily send more than 90 images at the same time.

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Version : Latest Version |  Base : Whatsapp Mod|  Size : 51.1 MB

If You Are Facing Any Problems Using Direct Download Button, Please Refresh the Page or Try to Use the Mirror Link


Hide Typing

Hide typing you might have seen that whenever anybody is typing in WhatsApp your friends or you can easily see it but in gbwhatsapp pro, you can easily hide that typing option.

So it is also a very good feature of gbwhatsapp. I have included all the features of gbwhatsapp pro therefore you can easily compare it with any other mod and you can decide which is best for you.

If you liked gbwhatsapp pro then you don’t need to find it from somewhere else you can simply download it through our website.

Even I would like to tell you that Gbwhatsapp and gbwhatsapp pro are the same application I mean that with a different name both are one not separate.

What is Gb Whatsapp pro?

if you don’t know then I would like to mention clearly that gbwhatsapp and gbwhatsapp pro both are only one app which means both are one app with different names.

What is different between Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp?

FeaturesGB WhatsappWhatsapp
Airplane ModeYesNo
Add Custom Stickers/FontsYesNo
Hide Online StatusYesNo
Status Character Length256 Character 256 Character
Themes SupportedYesNo
Freeze Last SeenYesYes(After New Update)
Disable Forwarded TagYesNo
DND ModeYesNo
Anti-Delete Status/MessagesYesNo
Fully CustomizeYesNo
Disable/Customize CallingYesNo
Security LockYesYes
Increase Forward LimitUp to 250Up to 10
Auto ReplyYesNo
Status DownloadYesNo
Increase Image Share LimitUp to 100Up to 30

There are mainly 3 versions of WhatsApp and it is developed by Alexa mods and Fouad mods. These 2 developer mods are recommended to use because they both are very popular in mods.

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GB Whatsapp Key features in 2022 Latest Version

  • Anti-ban update
  • Dark theme
  • New base update
  • Hide recording status
  • Video statuses of up to seven minutes
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Hidden chat feature
  • Backup feature
  • Change the notify-bar icon
  • Multiple GIF providers
  • Create, use and share your own themes
  • Amazing tick styles


GB WhatsApp 2022 Features of HeyMods

  • Animated sticker
  • Custom themes
  • Hide chats and privacy terms
  • Download story
  • Backup and restore feature
  • Change the color of the tick
  • Dark theme

GB WhatsApp’s previous (Old) versions

In fact, many users are finding an old version of gbwhatsapp therefore we have provided previous old versions of gbwhatsapp so that you can easily download it.

But remember that you should use the latest version of any application therefore you must use the latest version of this app to get the latest features.

Whenever a new update is released there are many chances that you can see many new features added to this app.

Here we have added some more information about it.  There are many advantages of gbwhatsapp because it looks unique app.

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GB WhatsApp feature Details

Here we have added some more information about gbwhatsapp.  There are many advantages of gbwhatsapp because it looks unique app.

  • It is very safe from all malware
  • You can easily use stickers and additions easily.
  • You can easily change the app icon and also the notification bar of your gbwhatsapp.
  • Auto reply features can be used on gbwhatsapp even if you don’t have access to the WhatsApp business app.
  • Add new emojis and also you can use them with your contacts.
  • Hide your online status
  • It has an auto-reply feature even if you’re not on the WhatsApp business version.
  • You can easily get free themes developed in this app
  • You can use multiple WhatsApp on the same device
  • Also, you can use GBWA and WhatsApp together
  • Keep your messages secure by setting up a password for your app.
  • Large files like videos, Apks, images, songs, and other files can be shared if they don’t exceed the 50MB limit.
  • With the help of hidden message ticks, you can easily hide your messages.
  • Hide online status
  • Share more than 80 photos together.
  • Use a third-party video player to play video files on your app.
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    How to download GB WhatsApp?

    to download GB WhatsApp you will need to visit third-party sites because this is a modified version, therefore, it can not be downloaded from the google play store or apple store. so you can download it directly from the website.

    How to install GB WhatsApp?

    it is very easy as you install any application which has been downloaded from third-party sites. just click on the install button after downloading it then open and it has been installed successfully.

    How to hide online in gbwhatsapp?

    Open GB WhatsApp and click on privacy and security then choose the option named “freeze last seen” now you have successfully hidden your online status.

    How to backup chats in GB Whatsapp?

    first, go to the settings option then click on “chat section” now you will see the “chat backup” option then select now chats can be backed up.

    Is GB WhatsApp available for iPhone and ios devices?

    Unfortunately, you can not use GB WhatsApp for ios and iPhone devices it can only be used on android devices.


    It is best for some advanced features that have been mentioned above with color customization and using custom fonts.

    All the colors can be added according to your choices like red, green, purple, yellow and any other too.

    I have given all the necessary details about gbwhatsapp and gbwhatsapp pro apk but still if you have any doubt comment below thanks.

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