Jelly Bean Face Revealed: Leaked Video (Age, Real Name)

Jelly Bean Face Reveal – Youtuber Jelly Bean accidentally reveals her face. One of the most famous social media platforms which can give us money with fame which is youtube.

You can see many examples on the internet who got huge fame and reputation through social media.

Twitter, Reddit, and many more social media platforms have been flooded with leaked photographs and videos. Discord helps users to communicate in games like call of duty, warzone, Minecraft, and GTA Online.

Jelly bean Minecraft is also a very famous YouTuber and if you are also one of those who are searching for her information then you should read this post, here we included all details.

Jelly Bean Hot Face Exposed

Who is Jelly Bean?

First of all, let me clear one thing nobody has seen her if you check her Minecraft profile, you can see that she always has a white emoji animation on her face. She created her youtube channel on 21st October 2021.

Hundreds of people have seen her Minecraft video named Mexican dream.  Jelly Bean Minecraft Started getting more and more popularity since then.

All ages people have become her fan and many people also want to see her face.

A website of fans claims that she is Hispanic and was born in December. Her fans also are assuming that she is in her twenties.

Jelly Bean Face Reveal

Her main dream of her is to become a leading expert on all things Minecraft.  She is very popular because she posts videos about playing Minecraft.

Jelly Bean Face Reveal

She is also a famous twitch streamer and you can stream her on youtube and twitch. Mostly in her all videos, she only plays games in front of all her subscribers during the live stream.

Even During the Quarantine time, everybody was staying at home therefore the industry prepared for growth.

She reached one million followers and hence, all her fans have been requesting her to reveal her face to the world. And profile picture of her is always covered by a white happy emoji of the famous cartoon series.

Earlier, her photo of her exposed neck got viral on Twitter. In December month, jelly bean clearly said that she will reveal her face to her fan soon but sadly she has not done so far.

What Is Jelly Bean Minecraft’s Real Name?

Her nickname is the dream and so far jelly bean Minecraft has not shared any information about her. Even on social accounts of her, we can only see nickname dream.

Also if we get any information about her identity, we will surely update every single detail on this post.

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Video of Jelly Bean Minecraft Face reveal


Q. When does jelly bean minecraft will reveal her face?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect information but she said that soon she will reveal her face.

Q. What is the real name of the jelly bean Minecraft?

She has not revealed her real name too in front of the audience but her nickname is the dream.

Q.  What kind of videos does Jelly Bean Minecraft Create?

Jelly bean creates videos of playing Minecraft and you can stream them on twitch and youtube.


In this post, we have given all the particular information. If you have this read Jelly bean revealed, you will get an idea about when jelly bean will reveal her face.

Thank you for reading my post and if any user wants to ask any questions then you can comment below without hesitation.

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