JT WhatsApp APK Download v9.75 (JiMods New 2023)

JT Whatsapp is the modified version of WhatsApp and it gives many more features than you get in the official version.

In the previous article, we shared information about gbwhatsapp, and today we are going to give you JTWhatsapp.

If there is any comparison between these two mod apps then in this messenger app you can share media files of up to 2GB Size approximately.

It is just amazing and furthermore, you can use other features as well. 

this version can be used with other Whatsapp too but you have to remember that you should not use the same number.

JTWhatsapp Apk Download

It has been developed by JiMods and it is the main reason for giving this application is the name of JTWhatsapp.

Every day many users it is no exaggeration if we say that almost millions of people use WhatsApp to do chatting and send messages to their friends and family members.

But it gives you extra features like media file sharing of big sizes and

the look of it is very different compared to FMWhatsApp.

Today’s generation like us feels bored when we use the same things

as other people use and that is why many other apps are becoming famous like this one.

We are also going to share these all features below in this article hence look at these features as well.

JTWhatsApp APK

Even if you anybody likes to use we would like to tell that

if you have a minimum of 3GB RAM only then you should use JTWhatsapp.

Still, JTWhatsapp can be used on all devices but

it may hang like other applications so you should only if you have the required things in your android smartphone.

And don’t worry if you have less RAM than we have mentioned you can use GB Whatsapp,

it also comes with many features in fact it is more famous worldwide.

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App Name JT Whatsapp Apk
App Size 53 MB
Category Whatsapp Mods
Users 1,000,000+
Requires Android 6.0 or up

Super Amazing Features of JTWhatsapp

We have included all the super amazing features of this amazing application below, you may check to gain more information about it.

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Version : v9.75 |  Base : JT Mods|  Size : 53 MB

If You Are Facing Any Problems Using Direct Download Button, Please Refresh the Page or Try to Use the Mirror Link


Hide Read Status

It is one of the very unique features. For instance, if you don’t want to show your friends that you are seeing their status, you can turn this feature on.

If you did not understand then let me explain, whenever we see the status of anybody on WhatsApp, the uploader can easily get information about who has seen his/her status.

But when you turn this feature on it will not show the uploader

that you have his/her status it will hide your details from that uploader.

Also, we will tell you the steps on how to turn on this feature.

Just go to 3 dots and select privacy option = Hide Status view and that’s it you have turned on this feature.

Many Customized Theme

We all feel bored even when we use the same wallpaper on our phones and therefore it is very hard to use the same themes on Whatsapp too

And that is why JT Whatsapp developers have added many themes that change your theme look too along with UI.

Now with the customized theme, your friends will definitely ask you how did you do that. And yeah it will impress your friends.

jtwhatsapp download latest version in 2022 with cool features

Anti Delete (Anti Revoke)

By the way, if you don’t know then let us clear that in the official WhatsApp, a new option added that can be used to delete messages if the user did not read them.

It means if users did not read the message then he may never know what user friends had written and deleted.

But with the Anti delete feature, you can easily read messages that have been deleted before you see them. When you turn on the anti-delete feature users who have sent messages to you can’t be deleted.

To turn it on go to the 3 dots and select privacy= Anti Revoke (Anti Delete) turn it on and you can use it.


It is in the news everywhere because now everybody is reading privacy policies before using any app. It is very good for people to keep themselves secure.

You can easily choose your privacy in JT Whatsapp Apk, to do this visit the privacy option by clicking 3 dots from the right side and then choose whatever option you want to choose.

Media Files

For the official version, you can only send files of up to 64MB with WhatsApp but if you are using JT Whatsapp then you can easily share files up to 2GB almost 15 times larger than the original.

And don’t worry about the resolution of your images and videos, they will look the same there will be no loss in the resolution.

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How to install and Use JT Whatsapp App?

It is very simple to install and use but before installing JTWA app it is very important to take a backup of your chats.

To take a backup, visit (in the official WA App) setting=chats=chats backup.



What is JT WhatsApp?

it is the modified version of WhatsApp and you can use it in order to get some cool features that you don’t get in the official version.


JT Whatsapp will be an interesting messenger app for you if you want to stay unique from friends and others.

If your friends will see this app, they may ask it you because of these super amazing features.

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