Kountry Wayne Net Worth 2023: Income, Salary, Wiki

Kountry Wayne Net worth, personal life, biography, age, height, Weight, and much more information you can get from here. Wayne is a famous comedian, social media influencer, and actor who has gained a lot of fame due to his hilarious skits and videos that have gone viral on social media platforms.

By the way, the reality of this famous comedian is Wayne Colley still many of his fans know him as King Kontry Wayne.

Because of this reason, almost every fan wants to know about his net worth in different ways therefore we have decided to write a full article for all those fans.

If you are one of those fans then read this post till the end in order to know all details about kountry wayne net worth.

Kountry Wayne Net worth


Now let’s come to the main point. Kountry Wayne started his career in 2013 but until 2017 he was not so famous. After he started posting his comedy videos on social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram etc, luckily all his videos were getting viral and he started getting more and more popular.

He obtained a large following of fans because of those videos and that led him to be invited to perform comedy shows across the united states.

Along with this, he also started making comedy albums and in 2018 he released his first album named “Child Support” then he gained more popularity in comparison to his past.

Since then, he launched many comedy albums like Love Hurts, Country Boy Chronicles, and Uncut. Besides, he even worked in the movies such as How high 2 in 2019.

Kountry Wayne Net Worth

This is the main topic because almost 1/3 of his fans are looking for the answer to this question.

Currently, Kountry Wayne’s Net worth is 6$ Million USD and most part of his income comes from sponsorships and brand endorsements. He also comes among the top comedians in the united states due to this he earned so much money.

However, all these data have been collected from various sources for educational purposes so that everybody will get some information.

We have explained all these details in a table format so that users can understand easily.

Real Name DeWayne Colley
Net Worth $6 Million
Salary $5,00,000 +
Date of Birth 9 December 1987
Age 36 Years
Gender Male
Profession Social Media Influencer, Comedian
Religion Christianity
Martial Status Divorce

Kountry Wayne’s net worth 2021

in 2021 the total net worth of Kountry Wayne was $5.5 Million USD according to various sources. This steady increment shows that he likes to enjoy life too along with saving money.

Kountry Wayne’s net worth 2020

During 2020 his total Kountry Wayne Net worth was $5.0 Million USD including from all sources.

Kountry Wayne Net worth

Incomes and Salary

As we have already explained about this topic still I thought to describe more about the income and salary of Kountry Wayne.

There are many ways in which he earns money such as comedy shows, merchandise sales, and social media income from sponsorship and advertisements. According to sources the estimated net worth of Kountry Wayne is around 6 Million USD.

He makes approximately 40000$ to 50000$ per month from his comedy shows if we believe various sources.

Another income source of his is merchandise sales he owns a clothing line that includes hats, T-shirts, Pants, and other accessories.  It generates approx 500000$ to 1 Million USD Per Year.

And the rest platforms from where he earns money are Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. He takes 10000$ to 20000$ per sponsored post.


Kountry Wayne was born on 9th December 1987 in Waynesboro, Georgia, United States and he grew up in a large family. He has 4 brothers and He was upbringing by his grandmother.

However, he never disclosed any information about his parents. But while the interview he had told that his father was very supportive of him. Still, nobody knows his father’s name, it has been said that his father was in prison for a while.

Kountry has an interesting relationship life because he has already 10 kids from different ex-wives. He became a dad when his age was only 17 years. His wife names Gene became famous on social media in 2019, and she has divorced and is single now.


Who is the girlfriend of Kountry Wayne?

In 2022, he was in a relationship with actress Amber-Tai and she is a Taiwanese actress and youtube celebrity.

How Did Kountry Wayne Become famous?

Kountry Wayne became famous on social media content that he was posting went viral since then he started getting thousands of followers on Instagram and youtube.

How much Kountry Wayne makes per show?

An average income of 30000$ to 50000$ that he earns from per comedy show according to data collection from different sources.

from where kountry wayne makes money except shows?

Apart from his comedy shows, he also earns money from merchandise sales and social media-sponsored posts.

How many children kountry wayne have?

He has 10 children, eight of them are from his previous relationships. Currently,he is single yet he is dating an actress named Amber Tai.


In a few words, I would like to say last words that Kountry Wayne is a talented comedian and with a lot of struggle he has achieved everything in his life. Right now, he is one of the most successful comedy stars.

In spite of his success, he remains a devoted family man and his hard work ethic continues to inspire his fans. Thank you for reading my article Kountry Wayne Net worth and if you want to ask any questions, comment below without hesitation. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and colleagues too.

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