Pavlok Net Worth 2023: Early Days, and Latest Updates

Pavlok Net Worth 2023: if you are looking to get some details about it that you are in the perfect place. Maneesh Sethi is the founder and CEO of the company named Pavlok.

We can see so many youngsters who are spoiling their life after being addicted to anything such as smoking, drinking alcohol, using too much social media, etc.

Because of that reason, Maneesh Sethi founded a start-up called Pavlok that will help users to quit these types of bad habits and addictions. The device has been developed by the company and it will automatically warn users when they try to use their addictive things.

Apart from this, the devices will also give you an electric shock of up to 300 volts when you break your made rule even if you try to do it will beep or vibrate.

The biggest motive behind starting this new start-up is to help many people to get rid of addiction and bad habits.

Pavlok Net Worth

Company Name Pavlok
Net Worth $30 Million
Pitch Invented and developed a device that helps peple to quit their bad habits
Owner Maneesh Sethi
Deal No deal
Which Episode Episode No. 29, Season 7
Company Type Private
Asked For Investment $500,000 for 3.14% equity
Year 2013

Story of Pavlok

In case you have watched “shark tank” episode 29, you probably know that Maneesh Sethi had asked for 500000$ for 3.14% of shares of Pavlok. In this section, we will discuss all the things that happened to him.

This show is basically for entrepreneurs who pitch their business ideas in front of a panel of investors they are also known as sharks. After giving an explanation about the business the shark decides whether to invest in the companies or not.

The appearance of Pavlok in the shark tank has proven a turning point for the company. All the investors (Sharks) were impressed with the product and its potential to help people to quit their bad addictions.

Pavlok Net Worth

Maneesh Sethi was able to secure a good deal with shark Kevin O’Leary. He offered an investment of 500000$ in the company for a 3% stake.

However, Maneesh said that he wanted to know other offers deal too but from this even Kevin became upset and he said to maneesh sethi to get off from the floor.

He also called him a scumbag therefore Maneesh left the Shark Tank.

Pavlok gained a lot of attention from the media and consumers after appearing in the show. With many publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, and wall street general since then the company has grown tremendously.

Pavlok Net Worth 2023

The Pavlok Net Worth is approximately 30$ Million USD as of 2023. The company has achieved amazing growth after its appearance in Shark Tank. It also generates over 10$ Million USD in Revenue in the last year 2022 according to various sources.

The success of Pavlok is only because of its strong marketing efforts and its innovative products. The company has created a loyal customer base due to helping them break their bad habits.

The technology has been also recommended by doctors to their patients. you can also read some more related posts too.

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What is Pavlok?

Pavlok is a company that does the production of wearable technology that uses mild electric shocks to help users to get rid of their bad habits.

Who Founded Pavlok?

Pavlok was founded by Maneesh Sethi in 2014 and he is the CEO of the company too.

What is the concept behind Pavlok?

The main concept behind the company is its classical conditioning. With the help of mild electric shocks, it creates a negative association with bad habits and it will also help users to quit those bad habits.

Is the technology of Pavlok safe?

Yes, this technology is completely safe due to the shocks are mild and are designed to be unpleasant but not harmful.

Does Pavlok Help to quit all types of bad habits?

This technology can be effective in helping users break a variety of bad habits, but it may not work for everyone. The company recommends using the device in conjunction with other behavior change strategies.

Can anybody use Pavlok?

The answer is “No”. The devices should not be used by pregnant women, people with pacemakers, or people with certain medical conditions.


Pavlok is a company that has achieved everything and it is still achieving more and more in this post we have discussed all the topics related to Pavlok’s Net Worth.

Thank you for reading Pavlok Net Worth if you want to ask any questions or suggestions, you can simply comment below, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family after tapping the social media share icon.

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