Tag After School APK (Latest Version) 2023

Tag After School is a survival role-playing horror game with many attractive and bold scenes that will captivate you so much.

In this game, the main work of the player is to help him to make the right decisions in his life because she got a responsibility to do something.

About Tag After School Game

It is based on the life story of a famous Japanese man his name is Shota-Kun. He is an innocent and shy male student

Hence, his many school friends always chase him to beat him. One day, he got lost in an old school.

Shota-kun was alone and he was fearful then suddenly he saw a stranger girl and soon she disappeared somewhere.

After he started seeing many female ghosts, shota-kun was trying his best to go out of that school.

android tag after school

Those female ghosts had decided to play a game with shota-kun if he keeps himself hidden till the morning,

they will let him go home otherwise he has to do many things with them (adult scene).

You may find the story of Tag After School Game very unique because

when we play it as players, we will get full choice we can decide what would be the end of the story.

In simple words, the player has to do everything to get shota-kun out of that haunted school.

For escaping, the player will need to find keys like we used to discover in horror games such as Granny 3.


For the Tag After School Game, it is not possible to tell the full story within minutes therefore

I decided to provide you with more details.

This is not just enough if you find keys, besides this the player has to hide from female ghosts

until as a player you discover the door.

However, if any game is easy then obviously we don’t like it therefore if the player will face any female ghost in his way

Then that ghost will start taking off her clothes and show you her sexy body

if you lose your heart while this scene, and you don’t have keys, you will die soon and the game will end.

As I have already mentioned that if the player could not search for keys till next 6 am the next morning.

If we talk about the developer then Tag After School Game has been developed

by a Japanese developer named Genius studio Japan Inc.

game tag after school

Special Features

This game is specially made for all users who want to experience school life stories with horror scenes.

Apart from this, the play will encounter many adult scenes at the time of play.

Gather Clues

The user has to discover clues that will help him to find ways for going out. You will get more than 1 key at a time of playing tag after school.

The main key will show you the way to go outside and the rest clues have many powers that can help you to disappear from the ghost for a few minutes.

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Multiple stories

There are very few games that offer different stories

you will have to choose which story will you like to play.

The player will get two options while playing the game either you can play horror level or adventure level.

At the time of playing, the player will easily realize which level they will like most therefore

here, I have only explained the horror story because the other one is not that exciting.


Tag After School Apk is free to download and play games which means the user doesn’t need to pay anything in order to download the game.

Besides, it is a very lightweight game therefore even after having less than 2GB RAM,

it can be played on your device.

However, your device should have more than 5.0 android version in order to play the game.

Multiple choices

As I have already discussed that the player can choose any story that he liked apart from this, you will have many options for the time of horror scenes.

If you face any ghost, there will be many hot scenes that will excite you more

or you can control yourself to escape from that place too.

These all things are depended upon your decision and choice so it will be fantastic to enjoy all scenes.

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Graphics in Tag After School

If you are graphics love instead of the quality exciting story then tag after school apk is not for you

Because it is based on typical pixel graphics and not very good with colors too but if you like anime games then it will be a very good game for you.

The sound is fully amazing with many horror musics that will scare you also while playing.

Easy Controls

There are simple navigational buttons inside the game instead of screen-filled buttons that takes time to remember.

The player can easily move all characters from one section to another with simple buttons.

You can also choose all options from the screen and other options will appear while playing a particular level.

With a stunning game storyline and engaging graphics, the users will surely love Tag After School Android on their phones.

How to download Tag After School for Android or iOS?

This section will show you all the details of downloading and installation process of tag after school for android.

  1. At the bottom, the user can see the download link of the game by just clicking on it and waiting for 19 seconds.
  2. Then you will be redirected to the download page from where you can download the game.
  3. If you have not allowed” unknown sources”  from the settings kindly allow them from
  4. Then tap on the install tag after school android and wait for a few seconds then hit on the done option.
  5. Congratulation the game has been successfully installed on your android if you have any queries then comment below your issue.
  6. For ios users, just tap on install and wait till the process is completed.

Additional Details of Tag After School

Download Tag After School For (Windows,Android And iOS)
Updated On 4 February 2023
Version v6.0
Category Role-playing/Horror
Developer Genius Studio Japan lnc.
Supported On 5.0 and Up
Mode Offline
Size 152MB


So after explaining everything I can only say that Tag After School Android is not only a scary horror game but it is also a very exciting game with hot scenes.

Because all beautiful female ghosts will keep you engaged in the game until you complete all the levels.

Thank you for reading my post about Tag After School, if you want to ask any questions or suggestions then don’t forget to comment below.

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